Oscar? Grammy? Pulitzer? Nobel Prize? Perfect Attendance?

With all due respect to the winners of those respective awards, we cough at these achievements. (*cough*cough*cough) Because, you see, one-time Portland band HannaH*s Field has bested them all, winning what is probably the most prestigious, most noteworthy, and most diggity-dank award on the planet. Actually, HannaH*s Field (it is not my caps lock, that is how it is typed, complete with asterisk) won, not a measly one, but a grand total of three AMMAs.

You've never heard of the AMMAs? What are you, a narc? (Seriously, are you a narc? You need to stop harshing me out, man.) The AMMAs are the legendary American Marijuana Music Awards, and HannaH*s Groove, who are now based somewhere in New England (I'm gonna say... Vermont) took home the trophies for: Best Music Video (for their song "Puff Puff Give"), Best Acoustic Song (also for "Puff Puff Give"), and Best Funk Song for a remixed version of their slyly subtle paean to herb, cryptically entitled "Smoke a Little Pot."

Check out the AWARD-WINNING video for "Puff Puff Give," which includes scenes at the Saturday Market, the Burnside Skate Park, and the Columbia River Gorge.

Uh, wow.... You still feelin' irae?

HannaH*s Field perform ThursdaY, JulY 9 at MississippI PizzA (3552 N MississippI) at 9 pM.