(That's the cover. Black on charcoal gray.)

The newest Modest Mouse 7-inch won't be released until next week, but you can stream the A-side right now over at the Spinner. It's called "Autumn Beds," and it's a jaunty, gentle, banjo-plucking tune with some trademark MM weirdness. (That satanic varispeed voice, for instance.) The 7-inch comes out June 23 in a limited edition vinyl release of 4,000 (although Pitchfork says you can buy it this Saturday for Vinyl Saturday). You will also be able to buy "Autumn Beds" and the single's B-side, "Whale Song," on iTunes.

Listen to "Autumn Beds" here, and on Thursday June 18, you'll be able to stream the studio version of "Whale Song" on the Tripwire. ("Whale Song" has appeared in MM's live sets on several occasions.) Both songs will reportedly be on Modest Mouse's forthcoming EP No One's First and You're Next, due out in August.