Contrary to popular belief, I don't have anything against our crosstown rivals over at the Willamette Week. The homely Hatfields to our attractive McCoy's, the paper does a great job with MFNW and I especially enjoy reading their music blog, Local Cut.

But I don't enjoy commenting on Local Cut, because evidently I've been banned from the site for some reason.

Say I wanted to comment on Casey Jarman's post from yesterday—and link to a similar post I made in April—regarding the major label nonsense of staggered release dates for the new Gossip record...


Nope. My comment never appears. And it's not just that thread, my previous attempts to comment—as myself, not some anonymous hater troll—just disappear into the deep internet abyss. Ouch.

Come on, Local Cutters, let me in your clubhouse. (Unless you have a rule about only allowing one Ezra in, similar to the "No Homers Club.") I promise I will behave.

"But you let in Homer Glumplich!"