Hello? Any metal fans out there on End Hits? I know we don't do a very good job covering the heavier bits, but hey, YOU figure out how to make money off free newspaper content, eh?

But that's just a boring bit of crybaby shit. So, I present a bit of metal news regarding Yob, our neighbors from the south, who got a nice mention in this Sunday's NY Times:

The doom-metal band Yob, from Eugene, Ore., makes long songs earn their length. Like the rest of its work, the songs on this trio’s forthcoming record “The Great Cessation” are played slowly, with meticulous care. The trick of this music is that the composed details, the subtle craft and narrative texture of it, come at you not through quietude but enveloping, mind-stun volume. (Except for when the group downshifts to mellowness, as they do on the album’s title track.) Profound Lore Records will release the album on CD and vinyl on July 14; you can hear tracks at the band’s Myspace page, myspace.com/yobdoom, and a full mp3 of “Burning the Altar,” an Arthurian castle of a song, at the label’s site, profoundlorerecords.com. Reunited after breaking up for a few years — during which the singer and guitarist Mike Scheidt formed a band called Middian that was dropped by its label after having been sued by a different band called Midian — Yob sounds back in full concentration, ready to compete.

Being from Eugene, I remember these dudes, but more because one of the members worked at the best guitar store in the state—and probably one of the best on the west coat, if not the nation—McKenzie River Music. And hell, as a guy who knows nothing about metal, I like what I'm hearing from Yob at this very second, piping out from their Myspace page. No Portland shows currently scheduled, however.