Man, this sucks. I was thinking about former Seeds' frontman Sky Saxon—who just seemed invincible—this morning, when news of his hospitalization spread. But then he appeared on Twitter:

anybody out there? blood pressure dropping .... please pray love light circle encircling sky with white love light .... YaHoWha!!!!!

Wait, did he Twitter his own death? Has it come to this? Christ.

Saxon was the real deal, a bombastic, livewire of a singer that fronted a severely underrated band. When I first moved to Portland, my father—who did the photography on the Raw & Alive: The Seeds in Concert at Merlin's Music Box album—made it a point of purchasing the band's self-titled record from Jackpot! and demanded that I listen to it the second I got home. I also saw Saxon—backed by some young ringers—when he was at Mt. Tabor a few years back supporting Strawberry Alarm Clock. He'll be missed.


The Seeds - "Pushin' Too Hard"