Touching on a topic that us dorky End Hits'ers constantly argue about during lunch: what was the greatest rock soundtrack of the '90s? Keep in mind, we're looking for '90s rock music here—no period soundtracks (Pulp Fiction, Swingers), hiphop (sorry, Menace II Society), or the The Bodyguard soundtrack, which you still own on cassette.

But before you yell out "Judgment Night! Judgment Night! For the love of God, Judgment Night!" keep in mind all the other worthy soundtracks out there: Trainspotting, Good Will Hunting, Singles, The Crow, Great Expectations, Romeo + Juliet, Batman Forever, The Craft, Clueless, Magnolia, Reality Bites (yay, Lisa Loeb), and, of course, Angus.

The long-forgotten film that you never saw—which stared a fat kid and that one girl—boats a surprisingly solid soundtrack. Angus has it all: one of the best Green Day songs ("J.A.R."), pop-punk from Pansy Division, Tilt, Dance Hall Crashers, a pair of songs from Ash, and one of the finest b-side Weezer tracks, "You Gave Your Love To Me Softly." The lone offender being a Westerberg—or Pirner—copying rock song courtesy of the hair farmers in the Goo Goo Dolls. And, to be honest, even that song is pretty decent.

Your pick?


Weezer - "You Gave Your Love To Me Softly"