Recession? What recession?

Any budding Quincy Jones types out there reading End Hits? How about Saudi Princes? Becuase if you've got the dough, boy do I have an opportunity you're gonna want to get in on: this genius. The entire Craigslist pitch:

My music has been played on major market on-line radio every week since Oct. 2008. I've had 1,500 listens on without doing any promotion. I've written hundreds of recordable songs and have some great songwriting demos, but I need the power-backed help in order to give the music the promotion it deserves. Please send me as much info as posible about who you are and your intentions and then I may get back to you with more about me with links, etc.

No actual audio sample. 1,500 Myspace plays. "Recordable songs."

Simply send "as much info as posible" and if you're lucky, dude "may" get back to you with a link to his music.

What this suggests, I suppose, is that big record labels are still necessary purveyors of music. The whole blog, sharing, word of mouth, fan sourcing thing is just a flash in the pan. KUFO breaks bands. Ho ho ho!

I've also got a line on some pills that will seriously make you "larger" down there. Stock tips too!