Few things go together like vibrant discussions about copyright law and free food/beer. Thankfully Free Culture will have both of these great things together at the same time. They'll also have YACHT and local music lawyer Peter Shavers on hand as well. Actually, the Thursday July 16th event at White Stag (70 NW Couch) is less about snacks, and more about establishing a dialogue about copyright and technology. Take it away, press release:

We've got a mash-up of serious inquiry and massive creative fun on Thursday July 16 at White Stag, an event called "Free Culture." Alongside free beer and food we're having YACHT (Jona Bechtolt and Claire Evans) and a copyright lawyer named Peter Shavers lead the assembled crowd in a massively democratic authoring of new copyright law (using SynchroEdit, which allows everyone present to co-author a single document in real-time). The SynchroEdit page will be adumbrated by a Twitter feed, resulting in new law. After we get done writing the law, we're going to talk about the real constraints on copyright and creativity with YACHT and Peter. It should be lively, serious fun. And it's free.

View the full flyer right here.