Oh hey Canada. I know it's Canada Day today—or Fête du Canada, for all you provinces that want to secede—and I totally didn't get you anything. I've just been real busy and all, and it's hard to put my affection for you into words. But here goes:

I love you Canada. I apologize for making fun of the way you say about. I apologize for all the curling jokes. I apologize for not liking Trailer Park Boys. I do not apologize for being denied entry to your country while on tour in 2000—that was fucked up and totally not cool—but I still forgive you. Even this weekend, as I spend another Fourth of July drunkenly blowing off my fingers in an orgy of fireworks and patriotism, I'll be thinking of you, Canada.

As a reminder of how incredible you are, here are a few of my favorite songs from your great land. Thank you, Canada.

Neil Young - "Cowgirl In The Sand" (Live At Massey Hall)

- - -

The Weakerthans - "Plea From A Cat Named Virtue"

- - -

Snow - "Informer"

- - -

Constantines - "Soon Enough"