Well would you look at that, America is still independent! That's great and all, but I could do without the subtle display. Why not ring in another year of independence by rocking out to some good ol' American grind tomorrow night at the Someday Lounge, where Seattleites Brothers of the Sonic Cloth will not only make your ears bleed with delicious metal, they’ll give you an erection at the same time! (Now that’s patriotic.)


BOTSC: Hopefully this won't end up like that Great White show...

I’d post a song but BOTSC only made 50 demo cds, and, like pieces of the triforce, are scattered across the land. A Myspace page will have to suffice. Or you could just take my (unpaid) word. Now, who wants to shoot roman candles outside city hall? Woo! 'Merica!