Sad news to report: The Coop—the mighty all-age house/showspace in North Portland—is shutting down. Naturally, PC-PDX has all the details:

The Coop is dead. After a 17 month run as The Coop, the space moves on and the shows at 3535 N Lombard will cease.

The future of the house is up in the air but according the the Landlord, the house will go in another direction and will not be again leased for the community space that the Lombard house has been running for the last 2 -1/2 years.

While the space might have been ignored by those over the age of legal consumption, the Coop was a vital, and incredibly active, part of Portland's all-age music scene. Their final show will be on the 12th of July. They will be missed.

Thanks to Cary for the tip.