Are the Cribs a local band? Well, half of the UK pop sensations do live in Portland—thanks to the band kidnapping Johnny Marr, Symbionese Liberation Army style, and convincing him that he should play guitar (and demand "death to the fascist insect that preys upon the life of the people”).

Okay, well, maybe just the guitar part.

When not robbing banks with an attractive heiress, the Cribs are working on a new record, Ignore The Ignorant (out in September), and they just released the first single, the snappy "We Were Aborted." Will modern rock radio play this song? It does mention "abortion" and "masturbation" (Just like all my open mic slam poetry!), then again those topics aren't necessarily off limits on the airwaves.

Anyway, you can download the song today—and today only—from the Cribs website in exchange for your email address. Get ready for a lifetime of left-wing urban guerrilla spam.


The Cribs - "We Were Aborted"