In the shadow of a jumpy castle—it was either a child's birthday party, or that ridiculous cart city Fourth of July show—former Joggers member, and current Shaky Hands drummer, Jake Morris spilled some details on the band's forthcoming record. Since I was in no position to take notes—blame the hypnotic allure of the jumpy castle—Morris was kind enough to answer my questions via email.

What's the album called? When will it be out? Is Kill Rock Stars releasing it?
Let It Die. September 29th. Yes!

You mentioned that the new record was "classic rock." Since that description has numerous incredible—and terrible—connotations to it, can you elaborate some more?
Yes, well no one should ever have to hear "Layla" again, but I think for the band, it's classic sounding. Especially up against other things coming out like Animal Collective or Dirty Projectors, which are great. We were, for the meat of the record, able to record stuff we had been playing every night for six weeks. The approach was to be straight ahead, live—however you want to describe it—and just letting the songs speak for themselves. Nick [Delffs] had been in India for a couple of months and upon return to the U.S. the first thing he heard was Tom Petty. It had quite the effect on him, but you'd have to ask him about it.

Will it be classic rock enough to be played on 92.3 KGON?
I have a theory: If you wake up and you don't know where you are, and the first thing you hear is "It's In The Way That You Use It" by Eric Clapton (from The Color of Money soundtrack), congratulations, you are in Hell. But, yes, I think these songs would make a sweet contribution to a Block Party Weekend™.

Have you guys ever crossed paths with Cut Off Your Hands (the Auckland band that formerly was "Shaky Hands," but recently changed their name)? Is there tension between the two bands? If so, could you kick their asses? I heard guys from New Zealand can't fight.
We are all about peace and love. I'm the only one who could be tempted to fight, but I wasn't in the band when all that went down. I hear there were a lot of homophobic slurs slung at us, by both they and their fans, but from what I can tell we are all good these days. This little rock community can seem pretty small, they've toured with friend's bands, and I'm tight with their booking agent. If there is any bad blood it hasn't gotten back to me. I've always found the Kiwi to be nothing but proper gentlemen.


The Shaky Hands - "Let it Die"
(live in Denver, 10/28/08)