If there was ever was a day where I could use a nice, soothing new song from Shelley Short, it's today. Thankfully everything is coming up Ezra, because the details on Short's anticipated new album have just been announced. A Cave, A Canoo (Yes, "canoo.") will be out on Hush Records on October 13th. In addition to that, Anonymous Records—an "offshoot" of Mississippi Records—will be releasing the adorably misspelled album on LP with screen-printed artwork. Yay.

Works for me. Now let's have a listen, shall we?


Shelley Short - "Time Machine / Submarine"

Photo: Faulkner Short

July 13th Update:
The promos for this (excellent) record arrived today and "canoe" is spelled correctly. The Case of the Misspelled Canoe (it sounds like a Hardy Boys book) shall continue...