I know you're all bummed about next week's Death Cab for Cutie show being sold out, but cheer up! Satyricon is feeding us a savory metal buffet tonight in the shape of Skeletonwitch, Saviours and Trap Them. Skeletonwitch has all the lyrical astuteness and finesse of anything Ben Gibbard burps out, for example: “Shadows of vultures drawing near/To feast upon the dead/Ripping flesh from splintered limbs/Eyes from severed heads.” God, they had me at "feast upon the dead."

I spoke ever so briefly with drummer Derrick Nau via email to get a few details on their upcoming release.

You’ve played over 300 shows since Beyond The Permafrost came out in 2007. Have you had any downtime at all, or has it basically been a constant two-year tour?
We have done a lot of touring lately to be sure, but we would not be out there on the road if we did not love it. The longest bit of time at home we have had lately was a few months to work out the tunes for the new record: Breathing The Fire. That being said, it was not really time just to chill; we were busting our asses to produce our darkest, most sickening material yet!

What can we expect to hear from Breathing The Fire? Are you looking forward to playing the hundreds of inevitable shows after its release?
Well, begin cliche line here: The new record is still "Skeletonwitch" in every sense of the word, though it is a bit different from Permafrost. The new material is darker and more sinister with sickening vocals, driving drums and enough riffs to punish the devil himself! Our newer songs are faster and more elaborate and I'd say a bit more varied than the previous record.

Working with Jack Endino (Sub Pop recording engineer for Nirvana, High on Fire, Hot Hot Heat and more) was a real pleasure and we think he achieved a great sound for us; it sounds huge and natural and really captures the evil heavy metal intensity we work to create in our live show! Expect a darker, more intense and focused record with no bullshit to speak of. The only thing we want to do is play hundreds of shows after Breathing The Fire is released and to continue to convert the masses into worshipping the Witch!

Have you played with Saviours or Trap Them before, and can you tell us about your relationship with them in the metal world?
We have done a handful of shows with both bands through out the United States. These bands are killer and we have a lot of fun with them, e.g. partying with Saviours and High on Fire in Denver and Salt Lake City. We also spent the night in an apartment above a bar in Cincinatti with Trap Them and the amount of boozing nearly got us kicked out. We know that this kind of debauchery will only continue and escalate! Musically both bands are unique and will add a dynamic that will make for an excellent night for anyone who comes out to witness the carnage that will ensue. In a nutshell, we can't fuckin' wait!

And with that, go forth and rock, my monkeys of the night.


Skeletonwitch — “Feast Upon Flesh”