And they're playing their last show (kind of) Saturday, July 18 at Satyricon. A “blow out” finale in November awaits, whatever that entails, but for now we should settle on the fact that a great band is leaving us for greener pastures. Or fizzier sodas. Whichever you prefer.

And now, lead singer Jonny P Jewels will help clear everything up for us, in the form of a question checklist.

END HITS: What!? Why? Don't break up!
JONNY P JEWELS: Well, we aren't breaking up just yet, we are going to do one final blowout in November here in Portland before it is really all over. D and I started this band in one form or another about six years ago, we had a great run and some amazing stuff happened for us with this band, but sometimes things just run their course. There is no real reason for us breaking up, we are still super close friends, but I guess it’s one of those break up before you burn out scenarios.

So what's next for everyone? Do each of you plan on doing something musical still, or is time for something entirely new?
Well, we have a new Soda Pop Kids single that hopefully will be out in time for the show at Satyricon on July 18, but that will be the final release from the Kids. I think everyone still has ambition musically to one extent or another. D and Alan have Welcome Home Walker, Zach is working on a new thing and I've got a trick or two up my sleeve for the new future too.

You're not heading back to Denver, are you?
I can't speak for everyone of course, but while I love tons of people in that city, I think there is a better chance of me starting a venture tourism company in Cuba.

Will we see a "reincarnation" of the Soda Pop Kids anytime soon, or do I have to wait 30 years for a reunion tour?
I don't think we will be alive in 30 years. Those sorts of things are always fun, never say never, but we haven't even broken up yet, I think its safe to say it'll be a pretty good stretch before anyone is even talking about that.

What can we expect to see (and hear) at your final show?
A cover of "Fire" by Arthur Brown; a 12 minute drum solo by Torres; leading into "For Your Love" by the Yardbirds, naturally.


The Soda Pop Kids - "Put On Your Tight Pants"