(adorable) photo by Tracy Hayes

I had a friend from Melbourne visit Portland not long ago, and she kept remarking how much Portland reminded her of her hometown. Hopefully, fellow Melbournians (Melbainians? Melwegians?) Summer Cats are finding our city as welcoming and familiar. These Aussies play an irresistible brand of indie pop that's darling, herky-jerky joy—as opposed to the chilly, growly folks of rival band Winter Dogs, who are well known to be Summer Cats' arch-nemeses.

...No? That last sentence was not cute, but stupid, you say? Okay, fair enough, I will shut up and let the band's cuteness speak for itself. Here's a purring track from Summer Cats' Songs for Tuesday album, which has just been re-released by Slumberland.


Summer Cats - "Super"

Slumber Cats play tonight with Soft Paws and the Tartans at Backspace, 115 NW 5th, 9 pm, $6. If you're looking for more all-ages musical fun after the PDX Pop show at City Hall ends at 8:30, you know where to go.