photo by Autumn DeWilde

If you're dying to get your ears on some Monsters of Folk—the supergroup that features the likes of Conor Oberst, M. Ward, Jim James of My Morning Jacket, and collaborator Mike Mogis—you're in luck. Their new song "Say Please" is available right now. Check out their website, type in the magic word*, and get the brand new song for streamin' and downloadin'.

Or, you can hear it right here.


Monsters of Folk - "Say Please"

I wasn't going to do a Traveling Wilburys joke, but... doesn't this sound a lot like the Traveling Wilburys? I mean, a LOT like the Wilburys. Just sayin'. Down to the walls of acoustic guitars and the circa-1989 snare drum sound. Conor Oberst is Dylan, M. Ward is Petty, and Jim James is Orbison, right? And Mike Mogis? Well, sorry Mogis, but you're Jeff Lynne. Also, according to the website, apparently Jim James has left the band and been replaced by the unusually named "Yim Yames."

*It's "please," Einstein.