Pic from pdxpopnow.com

Day One of PDX Pop Now! went off without a hitch, bringing a massive crowd to SE 3rd Avenue last night, which hit critical mass during Explode into Colors' valedictory set. The festival started strong with a set by Dirty Mittens, and by the time the Mint Chicks played the final indoor set, the inside room at Rotture was jammed and steamy. Other highlights included Fear No Music's modern classical and the Estranged's amphetamine garage-punk. In fact, we had lots to say about the fest while it was happening... but we didn't lug our laptops to Rotture. (That just would have been silly.)

So we've been Tweeting about the whole affair via cell phone. Hey, technology! For up-to-the-minute coverage, in brief, not-thought-out-at-all, possibly drunken bursts, you'll want to follow us on Twitter. If you have a Twitter account of your own, you can follow us @endhits (and if you're Tweeting, too, use the #ppn hashtag for your updates). If you do not Twit, and these last couple sentences have been scary and confusing to you, you can simply check out our Twitter updates here. Check out what was rambling through our minds last night. (The Mint Chicks were a personal highlight for me, and my biggest disappointment was that I missed the final song of the night, the Minus 5's cover of one of my all-time favorite songs, Neil Young's "Don't Be Denied.")

Day Two of PDX Pop Now! begins in less than half an hour; we'll be Tweeting as much as we can from the show. See you there!