With sophomore album Wild Young Hearts, London's Noisettes are now following the trend instead of setting it. The warm, retro-soul trappings of current single "Never Forget You" sound aimed straight for the wallets of Amy Winehouse fans, and the disco beat of "Don't Upset the Rhythm" is comfortably ensconced in the dance-punk trend of a few years ago. So, familiarity aside, let it be said that lead singer Shingai Shoniwa is a much stronger and more inventive vocalist than Amy Winehouse can ever hope to be—and a much more likeable presence, to boot—and that the music of Noisettes is capable of making a lot of people have a lot of fun, even if it's nothing they haven't heard before.
w/Autopilot Is for Lovers; Berbati's Pan, 10 SW 3rd, 9 pm, $10