You know Good Neighbor Pizza, right? That friendly joint on Dekum that serves pie in the pizza-defunct Bermuda Triangle that is my neighborhood? Well, it would seem that they are branching out and putting on shows these days. What sort of music, you ask? Acoustic folk? Open mic?

Uh, how about Bane?

Oh, sorry, I meant: BANE.

Yeah, that BANE. The influential hardcore icons from Massachusetts that have been cutting the shit and starting the pit for over a decade will be moshing next to the mozzarella in what might be the most bizarre band/venue combination I've heard of in quite some time. If that wasn't enough, opening the show will be Broadway Calls, who are about to tour with Gaslight Anthem (and a few shows with the Offspring which we will not talk about) and release a much anticipated album on SideOneDummy.

Pizza and hardcore, sounds like a pretty good way to spend a Monday night.


BANE - "Bang The Drum Slowly"