"Worn From The Fight (With Fireworks)" is the first song to see the light of the day from Castanets' latest full-length, Texas Rose, The Thaw, And The Beasts . Ray Raposa doesn't really hang his hat—or beard comb—in any one city, but for the most part, he's a Portlander. Well, at least enough to play Ladies Night at the Ladd's Inn.

But if Portland is where his ladies are at, Texas Rose, The Thaw, And The Beasts seems to have a definite San Diego connection. The album, due out September 22nd via Asthmatic Kitty, was recorded by Rafter Roberts, and features performances from members of just about every good band from America's Finest City, including Rocket From The Crypt, Black Heart Procession, and Gogogo Airheart. Even San Diego's most famous goth, David J (from Bauhaus), makes an appearance.


Castanets - "Worn From The Fight (With Fireworks)"

Link: Stereogum
Useless David J fact: I once saw him at an American Analog Set concert in San Diego