Few recordings, local or not, have me as excited as We Used To Think The Freeway Sounded Like A River, the poetic-sounding new full-length from the booze/horse enthusiasts in Richmond Fontaine. Thankfully the band just released this excellent video for their lead single, "You Can Move Back Here."

Blatantly ignoring the threat of poison oak, the Fontaine members—joined by a random friend and a tail-wagging dog—seem to be having a blast while performing deep in a woods, while the rest of the video acts as a snapshot of the beauty—the coast, the forest, the rain—of the state that we call home. Usually we avoid posting more than a couple lyrics of a song, but for Willy Vlautin we'll make an exception.

There’s so many people there
And you quit calling home
Now your voice is shaky and weird
Please you can move back here
We all miss you and you don’t have to be anything here and
At least you’ll have the Western sky and me on your side
Cities and subways that run all night
Everything costs so much
You’re all alone with neighbors on every side

God, I love this band.