Hopefully you saw the unintentionally hilarious infomercial for the Juggalo 10th Annual Gathering. If not, stop now, follow the link, and behold one of the greatest viral videos of the year. Or, as Ezra dubbed it "The Best 14 Minutes Of Your Life." Of course, it only sort of whets the appetite of weirdness. We want to Know More. Here's a look at the Gathering—which unfortunately was coupled with a great photo essay that has since exceeded its bandwidth allocation.

But damnit, I know there's much more horribly awesome tales to be told from the Gathering—this one only chronicles the day, and we can all imagine that the real Juggalo campground insanity begins after a full day of drinking Faygo in the hot sun. We'll keep our eyes out, and you do the same. Until then, behold: