In typical the Pine Hill Haints fashion, the beloved Alabama ghost country outfit just rolled into town today and will be performing tonight at the White Eagle. Sure, why not?

It's no secret that we adore the Haints, with their ramshackle bare bones country—performed via a junkyard of various beat down instruments (washtub bass, washboard, mandolin, snare drum, guitar)—even if they just randomly appear in town without giving us a chance to write about them. Come on Haints, don't they have payphones where you were at? Would it kill you to send us a postcard? Are stamps too expensive to justify mailing us a letter? We have feelings too.

Anyway, tonight's lineup is:
Erik Clampitt (solo)
Gabe Rozzell and The Decency
Pine Hill Haints
8pm | 21+ | FREE!!!


Pine Hill Haints - "Merry Widows Of Joe Cain"

Pine Hill Haints - "You Are My Thief"