I don't think it's possible to love a band more than we love BOAT. They're the aural equivalent of a brand new pair of socks—tight, elastic, soft, warm, clean, and super-duper sweat absorbent. Their new album, Setting the Paces, is due on Portland label Magic Marker on October 27, but you can hear two new tunes from the record right here, right now.


BOAT - "We've Been Friends Since 1989"


BOAT - "Prince of Tacoma"

BOAT just wrapped up a tour, and while they were in Sacramento, they appeared on radio station KDVS, playing a seven-song set—not in the studio, but over the phone. Talk about lo-fi. On "Phoning It In," BOAT performs some new songs, some older ones (including the excellent title track from last year's Topps EP), and a Dear Nora cover. Take a listen here. It's like having your best friends playing you a personal show over the phone.

BOAT plays the Someday Lounge on September 18.