Local chamber popsters Loch Lomond have announced the details of their new EP, Night Bats. Teaming with their old pals at Hush Records, the five song CD will be out on November 10th, and pre-orders will be hand-signed (Is there another method of signing that I am unaware of?) by the band. Or strangers. It didn't really say who was signing them.

Press release copy-and-paste:

Title track "Night Bats" is as expansive as it is arresting, and is, along with “Ghost of an Earthworm”, one of the most shining examples of Young’s exemplary ability to tell bizarre, often allegorical stories with stunning dry wit and biting precision. “Wax and Wire” is, simply, quite possibly the richest and most jaw-dropping track Loch Lomond has put to tape.

Masterfully mixed by producer-to-the-stars Tucker Martine (REM, Sufjan Stephens, Laura Viers), produced by the entire band collaboratively and recorded/engineered at Mystery Machine Studios by Lee Howard, Night Bats showcases Loch Lomond at their strongest. It’s been a crazy year, and they always say that what doesn’t kill you….

While the band hasn't released a full MP3 from the EP, but they have released a "teaser" MP3, which is basically like a medley of all the songs. It's a perfect taste of what the EP offers, plus it pleases those of us with attention spans so short that... um... what was I saying?


Loch Lomond - "Night Bats Teaser"