The scene is quite familiar: Following the "thank you, good night" farewell, the house lights are turned on (and everyone scrambles for darkness, like someone just overturned the rock in which we hide under), and without fail a few people always make that mad dash for the discarded setlist on the stage floor. The appeal of a scrap of paper with song titles scribbled upon it was always lost on me—as I swore I'd never be that guy—but, of course, I discovered this during my recent attic cleaning/excavation...


Other than them closing with "Box Elder," the most bizarre thing about this Pavement setlist is that I barely remember the show. I think it was right before Brighten the Corners came out, but other than that, it must have been a totally forgettable concert. Maybe that's why I kept the setlist, hoping it would trigger some sort of memory from that night. Granted, this discovery wasn't as embarrassing as unearthing evidence of my emo past, but it makes me think that in my personal revisionist concert history, I've probably snatched my fair share of setlists.

So, what about you? Have you saved any setlists? If so, from what bands?