A few weeks back our hearts were aflutter with the news that a certain music festival was taking over our town on October 17th, and now it's official, the Scion Garage Fest is coming to Portland.

One day (that would be October 17th), four downtown venues (Berbati's, Dante's, Someday Lounge, Satyricon), and too many damn bands to count... all for free. First, here are just some of the bands that will be performing: Roky Erickson, The Dirtbombs, The Deadly Snakes, Gino Washington, Black Lips, Pierced Arrows, Jay Reatard, King Khan & Bbq Show, Gris Gris, Dutchess & The Duke, The Spits & tons more.

To get yourself into the show, RSVP at this site. Or, you can win a pair of wristbands from us. The difference between the regular RSVP tickets and the wristbands? The wristbands will allow you to bypass the lines (this will make you look cool), plus they will show everyone that you read End Hits (this will make you look like a total dork). They don't guarantee entry, but they are a leg (wrist?) up on all the other jerks trying to get ahead of you in line to see Roky Erickson. That'll show 'em!

To win the wristbands, email your name and mailing address (with the email subject of "Garage Fest") to us , and we will pick a winner at random. Contest ends this Friday afternoon. Will Scion then take your names and addresses and try and sell you cars or garages or whatever? I dunno, probably. But your ears will still be ringing so loudly from the Dirtbombs' set that I really doubt you'll care.

Good luck.