To celebrate three years of business—and a rear balcony that refuses to collapse—Rotture is pulling out all the stops next week. Free shows, big names, birthday clowns, but the real treat is how they have somehow talked Clipse into taking the stage on Friday, September 11th (never forget). Clipse at Rotture? Holy fuckballs.

Clipse is big deal. They drive Ferraris, have Pharrell and Kanye on their friends and family plan, and dropped one of the decade's most respected releases in Hell Hath No Fury. In fact, the only thing better than seeing an intimate show from Clipse is doing it for free. That's where we come in.

We have two pairs of tickets to giveaway to this show, so the best two comments below on why you deserve to spend some time with Malice and Pusha T will be declared as winners. Comments must be posted by tomorrow (Friday) at 5pm. If you don't hear from us by this weekend, you might want to try and snatch up the few tickets still available. Good luck.