For some strange reason Passion Pit decided to cancel their MusicFest NW Nike show—it's a Lebron thing—and are now skipping Portland altogether and instead performing at the University of Oregon Student Union in Eugene. What? Equally as upsetting is this "Juan's Basement" performance of "Sleepyhead," which is great and all, but it's just a little extra salt in the wound.

So, Passion Pit, this is an open invitation: Play my basement anytime you want. Granted, it doesn't have the allure and indie cred of a Pitchfork-approved basement—I heard Mark E. Smith installed their water heater—but it doesn't smell like mold and there are hardly any spiders. Plus, unlike your upcoming show in Eugene, you will not get punched in the face by LeGarrette Blount inside my home.

Link: P4K