While I know most of our dear readers think of me as the rugged masculine type—basically the Steve McQueen of music bloggers—in fact, like most word drones at the Mercury, I'm a total dork. Well, perhaps I'm not quite as nerdy as the majority of our editorial staff, I do have an extreme soft spot for the musical dorkery of They Might Be Giants, especially on their kid-friendly new release Here Comes Science.

It's definitely the first CD I own released by Disney Sound—I said CD, my Little Mermaid soundtrack is on cassette—but Here Comes Science is wildly appealing even for those of us that do not fit the album's intended demographics: children, and those who have children. The band is currently touring and performing "both kid & adult shows," but their Portland date—November 10th at the Crystal Ballroom—is listed as 21-and-over.

Without their valuable lessons about science, looks like it's creationism for kids in Oregon!


They Might Be Giants - "Why Does The Sun Shine?"