The deep pockets of Red Bull are behind a little something called the "Red Bull Sound Clash," where two bands—Viva Voce and the Builders and the Butchers—engage in a “musical conversation” performance.

Press release, elaborate please:

Red Bull Sound Clash — a totally unique clash of sounds, styles and creativity, where two bands don’t battle each other, but instead collaborate to create an innovative live music performance. The Red Bull Sound Clash experience features two bands with different music styles (e.g. Folk vs. Rock) facing off on two stages positioned on opposite ends of the venue with the audience in the middle. In a series of four rounds, the bands perform various tasks - some rehearsed, some improvised - to showcase the array of their musical abilities. The audience participates in the back-and-forth exploration between the bands by judging each round.

Oh, okay. I like the idea of the two bands working together (Viva Butcher!) on separate stages, but the audience judging thing sounds odd. Will everyone get giant scorecards to hold up? Little electronic voting pads like on America's Funniest Home Videos? Should we trust the judging expertise of a crowd hopped up on Red Bull and vodkas?

Anyway, this all goes down at the Crystal Ballroom on Thursday, October 1st. Tickets are ten dollars and oddly enough, it's 18 & Over at the door.