• Photo by Marc Rimmer

As you probably know by now, Chad VanGaalen is amazing. First of all, his last name sounds almost like Van Halen. Secondly, his home recordings are uniformly terrific, whether it be the more conventional songwritery stuff he releases under his own name, or the weirdo bitsynth instrumental stuff he releases as Black Mold. Thirdly, his drawings and animations (he does 'em all himself) are mindblowing. In fact, if you're anything like me, you're "gaa" for VanGaalen.

Well, fellow "gaa"-heads, today is your lucky day. First off, over on the Sub Pop website, Grand Archives lead singer Mat Brooke has contributed to their ongoing "For the Record" series, offering up a brief, personal review of VanGaalen's 2005 album Infiniheart. And as a result, you can buy Infiniheart (and if you haven't heard it, you should) for a piddling $6 per CD (or an even cheaper $4 for MP3!)—that's a steal. Those prices are only good for 48 hours, though, so don't dilly-dally.

But that's not all! As pointed out over on Prefix, Chad VanGaalen has rounded up the B-sides and spare tracks from his excellent 2008 album Soft Airplanes and zipped them all up in a file for you—to download, for FREE. It's nine tracks, which tend to split the difference between his more conventional folk-pop and his bizarro synth noise. Yeah—you should probably download it right now.


Chad VanGaalen - "Microscopic World"