While Cary Clarke is mostly right, saying "Pavement, I love you. And that's why I do not want you to reunite. Unless you are making new music together, leave the past in the past." He should've stopped at "And that's why I do not want you to reunite." No new music necessary. Nor any from the Pixies, Stooges, New York Dolls, etc. etc. etc...

Buddyhead also weighs in (and since it's a comment on dead 90's entertainment, I suppose this makes Buddyhead relevant):

"Pavement are getting back together. Dudes who have man-purses are AMPED!

And that shall be the last we speak of it.

But we will speak more of Mr. Clarke. You may want to get on his Twitter feed, if only to weigh in Rose Quarter development conversation. Follow Cary's lead and tweet for better design:

"Tell Mayor Adams that you want the Memorial Coliseum turned into a non-profit, all-ages music venue and tag your tweet with #rqidea"

Pie the sky idea, but a damn good one.