According to P4K, it would seem that indie icons Pavement are reuniting. This is great news for fans everywhere, and the band's bank account as well.

Pavement will perform a benefit show at Central Park SummerStage on September 21, 2010.

Could a Portland show be far behind? It damn well better be. I'm not flying to NY to see a band I've seen a half-dozen times. In other interesting news that might have something to do with this reunion, our local music guru Cary Clarke posted a cryptic message on his Twitter account before this was announced (which clearly means he knows something that we all do not know).

Pavement, I love you. And that's why I do not want you to reunite. Unless you are making new music together, leave the past in the past.

Wait, does this reunion mean no more Preston School of Industry records? Yay, everyone wins.