Merry Christmas! Well, it's only Christmas if you work and/or shop at Wal-Mart (the merriest place of all from midnight to 4 a.m.), which I'm going to guess is already strewn with garlands and glowing snowmen. Mmm... does this mean I can buy eggnog?

Bob Dylan is also getting a head start on the holiday season, and will release his Christmas in the Heart album on October 13th... that's October 13th. I just listened to some samples at Amazon, and I can already hear the chorus of a million young voices saying, "Mommy, why is the scary voice singing about Santa?" Eeeyikes. Listen here. And maybe if you've been nice this year Bob will perform "Here Comes Santa Claus" at his Portland show on October 7th at the Rose Quarter.

On another note, I've come to the conclusion that Dylan these days sorta resembles the Grinch. The fact they're never in the same room together isn't just coincidence.