It's become the norm for bands to not only reunite, but to reunite and perform their classic albums live in their entirety... some bands just play an old album for the hell of it. This year we've been blessed with full renditions of Melvins' Houdini, Judas Priest's British Steel and RATT's Out of the Cellar (where were you when it all happened?).

In November people will be able to hear "La La Love You" and "No. 13 Baby" live as the Pixies rumble through their Doolittle record. And Devo has just announced that it will perform not one, but two of its classic record over two nights (take that, Frank Black Francis Kittridge Thompson IV!). Beginning on November 3rd, Devo will perform 1978's Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo! and 1980's Freedom of Choice during back-to-back nights.

And, just like the Pixies, Devo will NOT be performing in Portland. If you want to see the band perform "Sloppy (I Saw My Baby Gettin')" and "Mr. B's Ballroom" you're gonna have to head north to Seattle November 8th and 9th at The Moore. Then you can make it back-to-back back-to-backs by seeing the Pixies on November 12th and 13th at Seattle's Paramount Theatre. Then you can tell your friends that "I was there!" as they stare back incredulously.

In the meantime, feast those eyes on one of the greatest covers/videos of all time. Heh... babies and toasters.