At this point, the Flaming Lips might as well just move to Portland.

Following the epic nudity of their video shoot on Mt. Tabor, Jackpot Records will be hosting a free, one time only multimedia screening in honor of the band's new album, Embryonic (out October 13th). The screening will include what they describe as a “cinematic feature,” set to their new album. It’s all goes down at the Bagdad Theater—sorry kids, 21 and over only—on the 12th of October, with the new album becoming available for purchase at the show starting exactly at midnight.

May God have mercy on your soul if you attempt to purchase the record at 11:59 pm.

One of my friends jokingly told me that the Flaming Lips spend $4000 alone on confetti for their shows. This may or may not be true—although my friend is a certified confetti accountant—but regardless, the Lips are know for producing some pretty stunning visuals to compliment their music. The screening is free so get there early to secure a spot.