Do you remember that song "Mr. Blue" from Running with Scissors? No, not ELO's "Mr. Blue Sky". Take away the white guy fro and all the bonkers vocal overdubs, keep the bouncing piano melody, and add a touch of wistful melancholy, and you get Catherine Feeny.

  • Bill Eckerson
"But End Hits," you ask, "What does this not-altogether-unattractive female singer of sad, folky movie ballads have to do with me?" Well, it seems Ms. Feeny is a recent transplant after spending time over in Europe ("Mr. Blue" was a big hit in the UK), but now the Philadelphia-born singer/songwriter lives here in Portland. Her new album, People in the Hole, is streaming in full on her website, and it'll likely please fans of the somewhat ubiquitous, smoothed-to-perfection Hotel Cafe sound. Anyway, Catherine might very well be your neighbor now, and she plays tonight at the Laurelthirst, celebrating the release of People in the Hole before embarking on a US tour. If you see her, say hello.

Catherine Feeny w/Future Historians & The Woodlands; Laurelthirst Public House, 2958 NE Glisan, 9 pm, FREE