Miike Snow
  • Photo by Magnus Magnusson
  • Miike Snow

The Swedish guys who created MY FAVORITE ALBUM OF 2009 are playing tonight at the Doug Fir. Miike Snow has been described as "a-ha meets Animal Collective."

INTERESTING MIIKE SNOW TIDBIT #1: Miike Snow is not a dude. It's a band composed of two Swedes and an American.

INTERESTING MIIKE SNOW TIDBIT #2: Two out of the three band members are the Swedish songwriting force called Bloodshy & Avant. Christian Karlsson and Pontus Winnberg probably get tired of the royalty checks they get in mail daily. That's because they've written many of Britney Spear's most popular singles including "Toxic," "Radar," "Freakshow," "Toy Soldier," and "Piece of Me." Heck, they probably have a money chute installed in their Swedish mansion because they've also created hits for Madonna (for her 2005 album, Confessions on a Dance Floor —"How High," "Like It Or Not.") and Kylie Minogue's 10th studio album X ("Nu-di-ty" and "Speakerphone") .

But don't let that sugar-coated pop crap stop you from seeing them tonight. Their music sounds nothing like stuff.

Dynamic poppy English chap Jack Penate opens (one opener you do not want to miss).