This month Jackpot Records will celebrate 12 years. To put that into perspective: Pavement released Brighten the Corners in 1997, the same year the beginning of the end came when Limp Bizkit dropped its debut Three Dollar Bill, Yall$. That's the year Modest Mouse released its best record The Lonesome Crowded West... oh, and Will Smith also brought the word "jiggy" to middle white America with his masterstroke Big Willie Style.

Isaac Slusarenko opened Jackpot's Hawthorne location in October of 1997 and opened the second downtown location in 2001. And unlike Pavement and Limp Bizkit—who quit and reform whenever they damn-well please—Jackpot has been selling music, putting out records on its own label, and hosting tons of in-store performances consistently for more than a decade. And at a time when independent record stores are dropping like Fred Durst F-bombs, Jackpot's longevity is all the more impressive.

Of course there will be celebration. From Friday, Oct. 16th to Sunday, Oct. 18 Jackpot Records will offer 15 percent off all items in the store at both locations. Off everything! You know what this means, don't you? I can pick up Big Willie Style used for about 29 cents. Happy birthday, indeed.