It's been awhile since Danish art-rockers, or elflish Nordic prog enthusiasts, Mew set foot in Portland, but thankfully the band is passing this way on December 12th (at the Hawthorne Theatre). It's taken some time for their latest, No More Stories (or, it's mouthful of a complete title: No More Stories / Are Told Today / I'm Sorry / They Washed Away / No More Stories / The World Is Grey / I'm Tired / Let's Wash Away. Insert Fiona Apple joke here.) to fully sink in, but the recording seems to continue forth with the odd time signatures and vocal dramatics displayed on 2005's And The Glass Handed Kites.

There isn't much information available at this time, but the band is offering up their opening spot to local bands in a few markets, one of which is our little town. I suppose when they announce the contest, they'll do it right here.


Mew - "Introducing Palace Players"