Skuzzy, ramshackle garage rock brought to you by the sleek and sexy Scion. Hey, a free, all-day music event with some high-decibel rock 'n' roll—I'm not complaining... but it still sounds kinda funny.

The Scion Garage Fest rolls into town tomorrow, invading all your favorite rock haunts. And there's so much to choose from, including some older models like The Dirtbombs, Roky Erickson, Pierced Arrows and Simply Saucer as well as some younger, sexier ones—Black Lips, Box Elders and Harlem. For my money I'll go with Austin's The Strange Boys, who play at Dante's at 8 p.m. If you can tolerate Ryan Sambol's nasally vocals, the rest will fall into place. Think early Beatles rocking out with later Bob Dylan. Go ahead, try it on... it looks good on you.


The Strange Boys - "Heard You Wanna Beat Me Up"