• Zoe Prinds-Flash

Portland needs to build its very own Ellis Island—perhaps this can be the new remodel of Memorial Coliseum?—to greet all the new bands relocating to our city. We can even shorten or change their band names (if they sound too ethnic). "Give me your tired, your poor..." yeah, that sounds like every musician I have ever met.

Next up on the great Portland relocation, the Lower 48.

Clearly fearing collapsing bridges and Kent Hrbek's hunting program, the band is migrating from Minneapolis—first Haley Bonar, now them—in a few weeks. Their move is just in time for the release of the Everywhere To Go EP, which is a lovely recording that fits along nicely with the the rural indie-folk of locals Horsefeathers (relocated from Idaho) and Old Believers (relocated from Alaska). As acting Ellis Island official, the Lower 48's new name will be Horse Believers or Old Feathers. Deal with it.


The Lower 48 - "Transmission Pt. 1"