Fu Manchu makes me wish I skated and smoked pot. The band has been cranking out its gloomy riffs in the Southern California sun for almost 20 years, becoming the perpetual soundtrack for skate or any other video of the "extreme" ilk. Yes, the band has released six albums since 1997's stoner-rock masterpiece, The Action Is Go... I don't care because that is the record that will make skating in an empty pool after multiple bong rips sound like a great idea. And the the song "Anodizer"? Well it's riff-riffic, I tell you.

Fu Manchu just released Signs of Infinite Power—the band's tenth album—and is hitting the road, including a stop at Dante's Friday night. Just look for the VW van with smoke billowing from it. Long live Tony Alva!


Fu Manchu - "Anodizer" from The Action Is Go