Another week, another Mercury music section to flip through as you mourn the death of Kanye West, who most definitely was killed the other day. I believe everything I read on the internet. Now, if you don't mind, I have an appointment with my Nigerian financial advisor.

He's baaaaaaack! David Yow gathers up the rest of the gang, and now Jesus Lizard has returned. When I was 16, Yow once stepped on my head (while wearing a cowboy boot), using my tender skull as a launching pad to hurl himself into the crowd. It should be an amazing show, be sure to take the kids.

Jesus Lizard - "Skull of a German"
(I know it's from their major label days, but I've always loved this song)

Speaking of kids, this weekend brings the debut of You Who, the interactive kiddie music event that features everything from puppets to Decemberists. Now can anyone loan me their kid so I don't have to pay the extra admission fee?

The Decemberists - "Sons and Daughters"

Enjoy the colorful campfire sounds of Le Loup, and their dizzying new album, Family.

Le Loup - "Beach Town"

Enter the wildly creative world of Neal Morgan's voice and drum experimentations.

Neal Morgan - "Salamanders"