Oh man, it was so much better living here in Portland back in the day. Hold on a sec, I just spilled something on my first generation Wipers shirt. Sage-dawg gave me this shirt right off his back. Anyway, I was totally at the Pine Street on February 9th, 1990, when Nirvana took the stage a few months after Sub Pop released Bleach. Don't believe me? Take a look at this conveniently archived Twitter post from that night:


See? It's a fact! Twitter does not lie. If you are harsh realming it because you're a cob nobbler who missed the show—or were just born that year—now you can brag to all your friends that you were there, courtesy of the 20th anniversary edition of Bleach, due out on November 3rd. In addition to the original Grohl-free recording, there are eleven live songs (plus the intro) from the Pine Street show. Score!


Nirvana - "Intro" (live at the Pine Street, 02/09/1990)

Nirvana - "School" (live at the Pine Street, 02/09/1990)