(Doug Fir, 830 E Burnside) Joe Pug played in a barn at Pickathon. He also played in the woods, and on a proper stage as well, but any member of the crowd that was fortunate enough to be riveted by his barn performance knows that no other locale fits the Chicago singer better. He's Woody in a boxcar, Dylan in the East Village, or any other pure American folk image you can think of. Much like the Tallest Man on Earth, Pug (born Joe Pugliese) wields a barren-yet-soulful voice that immediately strikes a chord with anyone seeking a modern-day folk savior. You can believe in Joe Pug. EAC

It's true. Pug (that is just weird to type in reference to a creature that doesn't have a smashed face and curly tail) played a barn on a sweltering day during Picktathon and it felt absolutely perfect. Sort of like the above video, where Pug (again, weird) performs in the emptiness of a ghost town saloon. Granted, the Doug Fir is a little nicer than those places, but it won't stop me from ordering three fingers of whiskey and starting a fight.