shittiest ghost costume is not meant to be taken literally... we think.
  • "shittiest" ghost costume is not meant to be taken literally... we think.

Today marks the official start of Halloween Weekend!

Even though derelicts have been walking up and down Hawthorne in costumes for weeks, it is now acceptable for you, the law-abiding citizen, to dress yourself in that deliciously clever "Goth Brooks" costume you have been planning since last Halloween. (Sorry, but no one will get it until you tell them.)

Or, you could head down to The Water Heater on N. Fremont and Albina in your "shittiest ghost costume" for live music, dead beer, and the kind of fun you can only have in Purgatory. (Not sure what that means? You're Jewish? Me too!)

The Water Heater is a 4800 square foot warehouse that intends to be "one of the most fully integrated and wide-ranging artist communities this side of the Mississippi." (Not sure if they mean the Mississippi river, the state, or the avenue with all the boutiques on it.) Anyway, they're planning to eventually host two stages, a production studio/live room, practice spaces, art studio spaces, workshop bungalows, and more. Plus, the warehouse is considered to be one of Portland's first "green" buildings, constructed entirely of scrap water heaters welded together during WWII. It's definitely worth checking out.

As for the party, it intends to rock your Halloween-themed socks off. They even brought in $5,000 worth of insulation and a space heater so you won't freeze should you choose to strip out of your shitty ghost costume and dance around. Check it out, bring your friends, and save Goth Brooks for tomorrow; no one is going to get it anyways.